SALE to professionals

Interior Designer, architects, designers, contract companies and building companies can take advantage of Vetroso.
Creativity and planning have no limits with a bathroom piece of furniture that one can completely personalise. A product with unique aesthetic features and unique materials:

Sale to professionals

A dedicated channel

Professional public often requires serial or repeated purchases, commercial information, etc. For this reason we created a special channel with a special registration for Interior designers, Architects and companies which gives them the possibility to make use of special offers and prices.

Vetroso allows you to create exclusive shapes on demand, we start from the design and we create the prototype, the mould and the finished product. We can also create countertops over 3 meters of lenght, with 1-2 or more basins, we can make special workings, decorate surfaces or create new colors on demand.
All the shapes are studied to be beautiful and operational, we do not omit any detail, from the capacity of the basin to the discharge of water..

Sale to professionals