Personalising the washbasin is simple and fast

Select the shape you want to start from

More than 20 models, with different shapes and tastes.
Select the washbasin in our "Personalise" page.

Select the colour

More than 30 colours available.
Charcoal, orange, wave blue, white, blue, blue jeans, sky blue, clay-colored, ecru, sun yellow, wisteria-colored, light grey, medium grey, shadow grey, quartz grey, silk grey, jute-colored, lilac, metal-antrax, moka, black, parchment-colored, pollen-colored, flame red, India red, ruby red, turquoise, forest green, fluo green, emerald green, violet.

Scegli il colore

Select the finish

All Vetroso finishes are produced at high temperature, glass features remain unchanged, they are tested and certified for being easy to clean and resistant to acids; all finishes are available in any colour.

  1. SHINY FINISH The normal glass surface
  2. FROSTED FINISH The surface is opaque, silk effect
  3. STONE FINISH The surface is opaque, polished stone effect
  4. GRANITE FINISH The surface is opaque, hammer blow effect
  5. WOOD FINISH The surface is opaque, grained wood effect

You have over 30 colours and 5 different finishes at your disposal

Shiny Finish
Frosted Finish
Stone Finish
Granite Finish
Wood Finish

Write in width, depth and the position of the basin

If you want a washbasin with a squared countertop, you can use the three-dimensional configuration system to get a preview of your personalised washbasin.

Special requirements?

Remember that personalisation does not end with the personalisator. If you have special requirements such as the shape of the countertop's perimeter (rounded or shaped), off-squared sides or need special holes for taps and fittings, you can tell us in the notes or send us a sketch.