We are craftsmen with passion and skills who work with fire to mould glass and create new and exclusive shapes of washbasins. Our mission is to deliver to our customers' homes a high-quality product directly from the hands of our workforce. Attention for details and customer care are our strong points.

With twenty years of experience in the field of glass moulding, Vetroso developed new internal processes and manufacturing systems able to guarantee high-quality products and fast delivery of custom-made washbasins.

Thanks to the mould, there are no limits of shape, and the features of design and shape are unique!

Our company distinguishes itself for the unlimited possibilities to personalise the washbasins in their shape, size, finish and colours, for these reasons Vetroso is unique in our field.

Vetroso creates its products internally, giving the final customer the possibility to buy directly from the factory design, quality and service, avoiding the additional prices of the normal distribution system.